Crate Day 

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Crate Day is an unofficial holiday in New Zealand,[1] held on the first Saturday of summer. It was started by The Rock radio station in 2009.[2] Usually celebrated by purchasing a “swappa crate” of beer and drinking it with friends, the event has grown in popularity over the past decade leading to a number of arrests and injuries.[3] Many alcohol related business have promotions for the event and numerous local councils enact liquor bans during the weekend.[4]

  • COMMANDMENT #1: Thou shall begin at midday.
  • COMMANDMENT #2: Thou shall listen to The Rock Cratest Hits
  • COMMANDMENT #3: Thou shall wear thy stubbies and thy singlet
  • COMMANDMENT #4: Thou shall support thy Crate of Origin
  • COMMANDMENT #5: Thou shalt not toss any salad
  • COMMANDMENT #6: Thou shall respect thy neighbour
  • COMMANDMENT #7: Thou only beef that shall attend National Crate Day is thy beef for thy BBQ
  • COMMANDMENT #8: Thou shall look out for thy mates, even Dave
  • COMMANDMENT #9: Don’t let the sun get thy best of you and your provisions COMMANDMENT #10: Thou shall always keep rules 1-9 top of mind, to ensure we continue The Rock National Crate Day legacy for centuries to come.